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RG - PoleERU

Photo of one of two PoleERUs delivered to Thiess in Victoria in November, 2008

RG - PoleERU 2022

The machine was delivered to Country Energy in June, 2009

General information for PoleERU

The PoleERU was originally designed in 2001. After 14 units were manufactured, the PoleERU was subject to re-design based on market feedback. The current model was re-released to the market in 2008. The PoleERU has been completely designed using 3D engineering design tools and finite element analysis utilizing the latest materials and best practices. This simple but rugged design is specific to the Australian market and takes into consideration that many machines are located in remote areas and must be easy to maintain. The machine features a high strength boom with superior lifting height capabilities. The PoleERU is equipped with radial piston motor-driven epicyclic gearbox which has speed range from 0-63 rpm and has maximum torque output of 18,600 Nm. The machines are offered in pilot operated joystick type control or radio remote and can be offered on special request in 6-tonne /10-tonne version. Some of the specific design features are as follows:


RG - JacklegsJacklegs are wide out and down with 5.3 metres spread and are provided with rugged design which incorporates internal and external tube, ball-type foot and self-aligning bearings at each end of the cylinder which prevents the cylinders from seeing any side load and in turn, gives long life to the hydraulic cylinders. The jacklegs also incorporate ground-sensing proximity switches. (Insert photo – Jacklegs)


Sub-frame is a full length rigid box section incorporating the jacklegs. It is fixed to the chassis rails using flexible and non-flexible fish-plate mountings.

Automatic accelerator system

The truck engine is automatically accelerated via a 2-stage system which can be sped up via a switch at the operator’s console for easy and convenient operation.

Slew bearing and gear

RG - Slew bearing and gearThe high strength slew bearing is a single row roller-type with internal gear teeth. It allows 360° continuous rotation. Both the pinion and slew gear are hardened high tensile steel. The slew drive is equipped with counter-balance valve and cross line relief valves giving maximum protection to the system. (Insert Photo – Slew bearing)

Hydraulic slew coupling and Electric slew coupling

The hydraulic slew coupling is mounted in the centre of the turret and incorporates electric slew coupling on the top. The electric slew coupling is elevated and features dust-proof cover. The hydraulic slew coupling has large galleries for pressure and return lines and does not provide any flow restriction or energy loss. The unit has been specially designed so that it can be easily removed from the top of the turret.

Main boom and Pivot

The main pivot pin on the PoleERU is the largest size in its class – 3 ½" in diameter. The luff cylinder pins are 3" diameter on each end and the luff cylinder is designed to take side load. This design improves the boom strength and provides 3-point pivot location which extends boom life dramatically. This design strengthens the boom not only for lifting but for side load when using the auger.

Load Monitor

The PoleERU is equipped with a Robway 1550 load monitor with rope dyno system.

Pole Claws

RG - Pole ClawsPole Claws are a special design and can be turned sideways and pinned to the first boom making it possible to work around power lines without the pole claws on the tip which improves access. Pole claws also have rotation of 360°. (Insert photo – pole claws)

Auger Drive

RG - Auger DriveAuger drive is powered by a highly efficient radial piston motor through epicyclic gearbox. The radial piston motor has three speed settings used for installing screw anchors, boring holes and high speed to throw soil off the auger as an alternative to reversing the rotation. Maximum torque for this drive is 18,600 Nm. (insert photo – auger drive)

Auger Align System

The operator's console is provided with an auger align system. This system incorporates a bullseye set of LED lights which illuminate green when the auger is perpendicular in two planes. This system greatly assists the operator is squaring up the auger and maintaining squareness when boring deep holes. The system can also be used for setting earth anchors at an angle. When the first angle has been set, the system can be zeroed and all following earth anchors can be set at the same angle.

Control Console

RG - Control ConsoleThe control console and operator seat are mounted on a hinged frame that can be rotated to give maintenance access. The operator’s seat is provided with deadman switch which prevents machine operation unless the operator is seated. Control is via two pilot operated joysticks. The left hand side of the operator’s console is provided with control switches and emergency alarms, lights etc as well as electronic load monitor. A fibreglass canopy is provided. (Insert photo – control console)

Light-weight aluminium Fold Down Access Steps

RG - Light-weight aluminium Fold Down Access StepsLight-weight aluminium Fold Down Access Steps allow safe entry and exit from operator’s control console (Insert photo – Access steps)

Hydraulic Power tool Outlet

RG - Hydraulic Power tool OutletPoleERU is provided with one hydraulic tool outlet on the left hand side on the rear of the vehicle. The outlet is provided with retractable hose reel and quick release couplings. As an option additional hose reel and power tool outlet can be provided on the opposite side of the truck.

Insulated PoleERU

100kV insulated version can be offered. This incorporates fibreglass third boom and fibre rope giving insulation rating of 100kV dry and 25kV wet. The insulated boom extension is 4 metres.

Operator's cab

RG - Operator's cabFully enclosed airconditioned operator’s cab can be supplied as an option.

Load Chart: Click to enlarge.

RG - Load Chart for PoleERU

Basic Specification:

Maximum Height16,200mm
Maximum Hook Height15,600mm
Maximum reach13,100mm
Maximum SWL (Double Fall Rope)10,000kg
Maximum SWL (Single Fall Rope)5,000 kg
Winch linepull (bare drum)6,800kg
Winch rope 16mm50 metres
Boring Radius, minimum5,100mm
Boring Radius, maximum8,240mm
Auger speed range (variable)0-62 rpm
- Step 1(Screw anchors 0 - 16 rpm)
- Step 2 (Auger 0 - 38 rpm)
- Step 3 (Auger Spin-off 62 rpm)
Maximum auger torque18,600Nm
Front and rear out and down jacklegs spread to centre of pad4,820mm
360° Pole Grips FittedYES
Electronic Load Monitor fittedYES
Maximum Slew ArcContinuous
Travelling Height (typical)4,000mm
Overall width2,500mm
Overall length (typical)9,250mm
Approximate Speeds: Fully raised to maximum height45-60 seconds
Approximate Speeds: 360° Slew35 seconds