The first rear-mount new generation PoleERU to Country Energy

Redmond Gary Australia Pty Ltd has just delivered the first rear-mount new generation PoleERU to Country Energy. This new machine is mounted on ISUZU FXZ1500. This new machine features innovative new design which gives superior lifting capacity in comparison with other Australian made machines.

The new machine also features 18,600 Nm auger drive and has the capacity to stow augers up to 900mm on the boom. The new machine has simplified control system with pilot operated joystick control. It is also fitted with a Robway 1550 control with data logger system and GPS.

The new machine was inspected by Allan Sanderson from Country Energy. As this is the first of a new model, it will be put into service at Tweed Heads depot for about 6 weeks for preliminary testing and evaluation by one of their most experienced crane borer operators, Gary Coppin. Gary will evaluate the machine and at the same time the performance of the PoleERU will be closely monitored by Redmond Gary Australia. When this initial evaluation period has been completed, the PoleERU will be delivered to Country Energy’s depot in central west New South Wales.