Redmond Gary Christmas Parties 17th & 18th December, 2010

Redmond Gary’s staff Christmas party was held on 17th December at the Boardwalk Tavern, Hope Island. The party was well attended with over 100 staff and partners. The night consisted of a smorgasbord dinner and a DJ was provided for entertainment. There were several prizes given out and a combination of lucky door prizes and competitions organized by the office staff. These competitions consisted of guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar, the length of a cord, the area of a piece of plate and the weight of a bottle of champagne. All prize winners received the items on display along with movie passes. There were also additional prizes given to individual employees voted by the foremen and management for their efforts throughout the year. These employees included the following:

  • Rob Ewart – Fabrication Section
  • Katrina Simpson – Design Office
  • Ian Frazer – Auto Electrical Section
  • Kerry McSweeney – Stores and Logistics
  • Brent Carlson – Design Office
  • Ilse Li – Administration

There was a second Christmas party held on 18th December at Abrakidazzle. This was for the children of our employees (under 12 years of age). The party was well attended with over 20 participants. In addition to the attractions at Abrakidazzle, the party was attended by a clown and his face painting partner. After light refreshments, father Christmas arrived and had a gift for everyone. The children were delighted.