Fibre Reinforced Dunnage Stands Up Under Pressure (March, 2015)

Redmond Gary Australia has been developing a new form of dunnage that outperforms the equivalent plastic and wooden styles currently available.

The RG550 is a new 550mm x 550mm Fibre Reinforced Dunnage plate has been designed to have uniform stiffness and the ability to spread a load evenly across the surface of the ground with improved characteristics over comparable plastic dunnage.

While the Fibre Reinforced Dunnage shares many of the same benefits of plastic dunnage (in that it is light weight, cost effective, heavy duty, has a carry handle, won’t splinter, won’t rot and is brightly coloured lessening the likelihood of loss), it also boasts additional benefits above and beyond what plastic dunnage can offer.

This dunnage is typically 25% stiffer, spreads loads more evenly across surfaces, is lighter and thinner and can handle a heavier load. The RG550 is very strong and durable compared to other dunnage solutions. Fibre-glass does not absorb free water, it remains stiff indefinitely and can take considerable abuse.

The success of this Fibre Reinforced Dunnage during testing has already gained the attention of several of our customers.

RG550 is available in two different thicknesses 16mm with a WLL of 11t and 22mm with WLL of 22t. The dunnage can be provided with strap or rope handles and can display your company logo to encourage recovery.

Custom Packing can be manufactured to meet client’s specific needs. For more information about this new product, please contract Darren Hoare on (07) 5594 9844.