New Portable Hydraulic Power Unit (July, 2018)

Redmond Gary Australia has introduced a new portable power unit.  It is of modular design and is most often used in conjunction with RG’s 1.5t drum stand but can be also be used with larger capacity drum stands as well.

The unit consists of a lightweight steel frame mounted on pneumatic wheels with a hinging handle that makes it easy to lift and manoeuvre.

The modular design allows the unit to be supplied in a variety of configurations and with different types of drives which are enabled via directional and flow controls.  This allows great control of hydraulic flow and when used in conjunction with our drums stands it can regulate drum direction and speed.

The unit can be supplied with a range of engines including:

  • 2kW 240V
  • 4kW petrol
  • 2kW petrol
  • 7kW diesel
  • 6kW diesel.

Standard petrol and diesel versions are supplied with pull start air cooled motors.  Electric start options are also available with some engines.  In addition, the hydraulic system can be customised to meet the exact requirements for specific equipment.