New 1.7t Self Loading Cable Trailer (August, 2018)

Redmond Gary Australia has developed a new Self Loading Cable Trailer (SLCT) that has the capability of carrying a drum 2000mm diameter by 1450mm wide and weighing up to 1700kg (1.7t).   

The trailer has been designed so it can be towed by light vehicles while still carrying the maximum possible loads.  It joins our 2.5t version that is already available and has proven itself in the field. 

These new trailers are cost effectively manufactured using simplified design and advanced materials.  Finite element analysis was utilised to optimise design while minimising trailer tare weight.  This means greater loads can be carried and towed by smaller vehicles.

The 1.7t SLCT is offered in a variety of versions with the base model featuring a 12V DC hydraulic power pack to operate the hydraulic lift arms for drum loading and unloading purposes.  The spindle is lightweight and non-rotating with bushes that fit inside the drums and rotate on the spindle. 

These trailers are proving to be an attractive and financially viable option for contracting companies or electricity authorities. 

The trailers can also be upgraded offering the following features and options:

·       Petrol engine powered.

·       Diesel engine powered.

·       Spindle mounted on rotating element bearings and featuring a spindle disc brake.

·       Powered drum rotator with a rating of 200kg line pull at 1m diameter.

·       Spare wheel and mount.

·       Override brakes in lieu of electric brakes.  In this case, the trailer rating is reduced to 1200kg drum weight.

 This new trailer will fill a gap in the Redmond Gary Australia range and has already proven to be quite popular with several units currently in production to meet our customer’s orders.