Redmond Gary Australia Supplies Equipment for Karadoc Solar Farm (September, 2018)

Beon Energy Solutions were awarded the contract to design, construct and commission a large-scale solar farm which will use solar tracking to increase production. The solar farm, located in the Mildura region, is under construction and when finished will have a capacity of 112 megawatts being comprised of more than 340,000 solar panels, enough to power 110,000 homes.

Redmond Gary Australia has supplied a 10t powered cable drum stand to be used to install large sized underground cables for the project. The drum stand will handle cable drums weighing up to 10,000kg, 3,600mm diameter and 2,200mm wide.

The drum stand was supplied with a 1000kg drum rotator drive, 900kg hydraulic drag brake and powered by a separate hydraulic power pack using a water-cooled diesel engine and retractable hose reels.

This machine was tailor-made to suit Beon Energy Solutions’ site requirements and will be well utilised for this and future projects.