Ergon Energy Has Taken Delivery of Their First TL Model MEWP (October, 2018)

This month, Ergon Energy has taken delivery of their first TL17M model MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) which will be housed at their Mareeba Qld Depot.  Although these 17metre reach machines have been manufactured since 2016, Ergon Energy closely monitored the performance and efficiently over time before committing to purchase the new model. 

This MEWP was subject to an extensive risk assessment which was carried out by representatives from both Ergon and Energex.  A comprehensive document resulted from the assessment and included review of the operating controls, locker systems and the MEWP performance.  Some constructive criticism was offered by the assessment team and Redmond Gary Australia agreed to make changes to accommodate Ergon and Energex’s requirements.

The assessment team visited our Gold Coast premises in September to inspect the MEWP before the machine was despatched in October.  One of the members of the team was a representative from Mareeba Depot who was very pleased to be receiving the first TL series MEWP into the Ergon fleet.

Since its release, the TL series has been well accepted and proven by many electricity authorities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  Operators from these authorities have given positive feedback on the industry leading performance and ease of operation of the new machines. 

During the last cyclone season a number of TL machines were sent to North Queensland by Energex to assist with storm damage clean up.  This gave Ergon operators an opportunity to see the new TL machines in service under harsh working conditions.  Since then, the operators have been keen to get their hands on these machines.  This TL17M is the first of several TL17M and TL14M machines that are currently being manufactured for Ergon, all of which are expected to delivered in the coming months.

With the increased presence of the TL model MEWPs within the industry, Redmond Gary Australia is now offering special training sessions for service providers who want to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the new systems and how they operate.  Regular and thorough service of these MEWPs is crucial for continued operation at full performance capabilities and maximum safety to the operators. With many of the existing TL machines located in remote areas, it is important that service providers located across the country have the knowledge and skills to provide ongoing support for these machines.

Members of the Assessment Team (pictured below): Ivan Bagic (Ergon Energy), Andrew Danks (RGA), Brian Emerson (Ergon Energy), Roger Beckers (Energex), Mark Ballard (Ergon Energy), and Daniel Rae (RGA).