Safety News: Workplace Health and Safety Advocate: Jed Millen

As part of Redmond Gary Australia’s commitment to focus on improving our safety and injury management processes, we invited Workplace Health and Safety Advocate, Jed Millen, to speak to our staff about his firsthand experience recovering from a workplace injury that ended his career as a rigger. Jed was injured when the bridge deck he was working on collapsed under his feet and he fell five metres onto the ground, permanently injuring his upper spine vertebrae.

Jed’s presentation was engaging and entertaining, made more effective through his interactions with our staff, highlighting injury statistics and demonstrating how serious injury can affect not just oneself but their whole family.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s safety advocates and their workplace visits are a great resource and one we expect to partake in again in the future.

You can find out more about Jed’s story by watching the video linked below.