25kN Winch Truck Has Been Delivered to Jemena

Redmond Gary Australia has recently supplied Jemena a specially designed 25kN Winch Truck for hauling underground and overhead cables.  This Winch Truck features all angle fairleads mounted on the rear of the truck tray to direct the haulage rope

The winch drum can accommodate 900m of fibre rope and the winch is provided with programmable control systems incorporating a data logger that can display the maximum line pull, haulage distance and speed.  The logged data can then easily be downloaded via USB port onto a laptop or memory stick.

In addition to the above, the Winch Truck also features an Operator Safety Cubicle that provides the operator with an excellent view of the hauling rope and the surrounding work areas.  This cubicle is provided with safety interlocks for the door and for additional safety, includes a ‘dead man pedal’.

The winch also features two access ladders, one for the operators’ cubicle and one for the truck tray. Both ladders incorporate hand rails and provide three-point contact for safe access to and regress from the winch.

The cabinet set and winch layout were designed in conjunction with the experienced team at Jemena to accommodate all their tools, signage, etc., to satisfy all their job requirements.