Jemena has taken Delivery of a 6t SLCT with Cable Pusher Attachment

In addition to the recently delivered 25kN Winch Truck, Redmond Gary Australia has also supplied Jemena a specially built 6 tonne self-loading cable drum trailer (SLCT) that can also accommodate a 20kN cable pusher.

The cable pusher is mounted on a special frame where it can easily be pivoted manually to the desired position for transport or for operation.  Quick release pins are provided to lock the cable pusher in position.  The cable pusher is almost perfectly balanced and therefore takes little or no operator effort when rotating it manually into position.

When the cable pusher attachment is not fitted, the 6 tonne trailer can carry a standard drum 2800mm diameter by 1450mm wide and it will function the same way as a standard 6 tonne SLCT.

When the cable pusher is fitted to the 6 tonne trailer, the drum size is reduced to a maximum 2200mm diameter by 1450mm wide, weighing up to 4500kg.

To attach the pusher onto the trailer the two chains connecting the drum spindle to the lift arms are removed.  The lift arms are lowered onto the cable pusher frame and the frame is fixed to the lift arms with special pins and quick release fittings.  The hydraulic supply to the cable pusher is via quick release hydraulic couplings and an electrical cable with a MIL-spec plug.

This unique piece of equipment has been specially designed at the request of Jemena and utilises a cable pusher unit that they already had in their fleet.  When the cable pusher is fitted, it is possible to push short lengths of cable into underground ducts without the need to use a hauling winch.  With longer cable pulls it is necessary to use a hauling winch to pull the cable through the ducting and assist the cable pusher.

The SLCT  and the cable pusher are controlled by radio remote system enabling the operator to stay well clear of the trailer and cable pusher when in operation. The radio transmitter also gives the operator the opportunity to closely monitor the cable as it enters the duct, which is usually well behind the cable drum trailer.

This SLCT and cable pusher combination will be offered as a standard option for our 6 tonne self-loading cable trailers going forward.

Please refer to the below drawing showing the cable path from a drum through to the cable pusher.

If you require any further information about this equipment please do not hesitate to contact us.