New Manual Disc Brake Control Design Improves Safety and Ease of Use

Redmond Gary Australia prides itself on the continual improvements that we make to our range of products.  It allows us to offer equipment to our customers with enhanced functionality and/or safety features.

For more than 20 years, we have been manufacturing SLCTs (Self Loading Cable-Drum Trailers) and Drum Stands that have been provided with either manual or hydraulic control spindle drag brakes.  The manual spindle drag brake is typically controlled by way of a screw-in piston acting on the brake discs with the screw handle having always been of a T-handle design.

During one of our recent training sessions, it was identified that the operation of the T-handle could introduce a pinch point between the T-handle and the bearing carrier.  Our trainer brought this to the attention of management, who, in consultation with our Engineering Department, investigated the potential problem and found a solution that would eliminate the pinch point by re-designing the manual disc brake controller.

This was achieved by designing a new piston assembly, new handle and threaded portion with built in ratchet.  The handle is restricted to 180° rotation which eliminates the potential pinch point and is generally easier to use than the old design.  This new manual mechanism will be provided on future SLCT builds and for drum stands supplied with a standard manual spindle disc brake.