Yarra Trams takes delivery of Winch/Tensioner (July 2019)

Redmond Gary Australia in conjunction with EPV Speciality Services have supplied a truck mounted winch/tensioner to Yarra Trams.  EPV Speciality Services provided the truck, crane and tray body while Redmond Gary Australia designed and manufactured a self-contained winch/tensioner.  The equipment contains two winch/tensioners, a diesel hydraulic power pack, operator’s enclosure and telescopic fairlead cable guide system with left/right movement.

Both winches are designed to accommodate standard wooden drums of solid copper conductor used in the overhead tram network.  Each winch can haul in at a rate of up to 15kN and haul out under tension of 0 to 15kN. When being used, the cable is fed through the fairlead and anchored.  The truck drives down the street at a speed of up to 5km/hour.  The cable is dispensed at a pre-set tension using electronic controls.

The winch/tensioner has three modes of operation.

  • Winch in at 0 to 15kN line pull
  • Tension dispense at 0 to 15kN payout
  • Free wheel with hydraulic adjustable drag brake system.

To increase the safety of this type of machine, safety coded switches have been incorporated in all doors and gates which cut out operations of this unit to prevent any injury to operator or bystanders when the winch/tensioner is in operation.  It also has a deadman switch that needs to be activated to allow any operation to work, ensuring the operator is in control.  These features support the “Work Safe, Go Home Safe” ethos important to us at Redmond Gary Australia.

The winch/tensioner is fixed to the truck tray with the aid of container locks and is provided with three lift points for ease of loading and unloading.  In attrition, the winch/tensioner is provided with a data logger and will maintain the pre-set line pull of tension as the cable diameter on the drum changes.  It is also provided with a spreader bar and chains for lifting drums on and off the winches.  No tools are required to change the drums.

For more information on this winch/tensioner contact Redmond Gary Australia.