Energex Takes Delivery of Truck-Mounted 10kN 3-Drum Winch (October 2019)

This Winch is similar to the 10kN 3-Drum Skid-Mount Winch, except that it is permanently fixed to the truck chassis.  A gearbox power take off (PTO) is used to drive the hydraulic pump.

Not having a stand-alone diesel engine and hydraulic power pack, it has made available extra space for other items and equipment. This unit is provided with additional storage boxes and other equipment.  The 3-Drum Winch Truck Combination is more compact and saves the cost and weight of a tray body.

The new Winch was subject to a JSA conducted by Energy Qld and representatives from the Raceview depot where the truck will be eventually based. A few minor changes were required, after which the winch will be sent to Brisbane Isuzu for pre-delivery service of the truck before delivering to Energex.  The 3-Drum 10kN Winch Truck was supplied with a wide range of optional accessories to enhance its performance.  These accessories include the following:

  • Hydraulically operated drop-down walkway
  • Additional operator’s door
  • 2 speed winch kit- approximately 80m/min (mean diameter)
  • Interlocked guarding on rear and one side
  • Vinyl rollup sides for operator’s cage
  • Programmable screen with load monitoring and data logging
  • Multi directional hauling head
  • 2100mm L x 400mm H x 400m D lockable top operating cabinet with centre divider
  • 2400mm L x 450mm H x 400mm D lockable side opening cabinet with access from both sides of the truck
  • 500mm W x 600mm D x 1500mm H cabinet on deck with 3 adjustable shelves
  • Deadend storage tubes
  • Weld on wheel chock storage (stores 2 wheel chocks)
  • 2 x Trellebor rubber wheel chocks
  • 12,000kg Towbar kit with 7 pin large 35mm round electrical plug, Rockinger hitch, Bartlett safety chain attachments
  • 23 litre water dank deck mounted with soap and water tap