New Model ABC Single Drum Trailer (October 2019)

Redmond Gary Australia have designed and manufactured six new Single Drum ABC Trailers with dual axle design.  This type of trailer has been manufactured by Redmond Gary Australia for more than 20 years, but with single axle configuration.

Essential Energy have had problems with towbar downforce on some of their single axle trailers, especially trailers of smaller size towed behind light vehicles.  Their transport Engineers have changed specifications to require all trailers to be of dual axle design mitigating the downward force on the tow coupling making the trailer safer when towed by smaller vehicles.  This change has given Redmond Gary Australia’s Engineering team the opportunity to completely redesign the trailer and incorporate all the latest design features from the 3 Drum ABC Trailer and 1.5T Drum Stands.  The new trailer features:

  • Independent rubber suspension axles (IRS)
  • Off road design
  • Meets the requirements of ADR and Australian Standards
  • Drum capacity 1600mm diameter x 900mm wide weighing up to 1,500kg
  • Spindle mounted in sealed bearings with stainless steel disc brake
  • Hot dipped galvanised frame
  • LED lights

Optional equipment includes:

  • Set of 3 Emergency triangle (Navara ME41) with high visibility vest
  • Set of 2 wheel chocks stored in toolbox
  • Mounted spare wheel with 14×6 Ford Rim and Desert Rat Tyre
  • Small aluminium lockable toolbox
  • Hydraulic spindle brake (hand pump)
  • Overhead roller support stand Type 1
  • Overhead roller support stand with vertical roller guides Type 4
  • Loose wheel nut indicators
  • 75mm Tow Eye
  • Split drum 1200mmØ, 93mmØ Spindle Bore
  • Additional set of Operational Manuals.
  • Hydraulic Drum Drive x 1 with 6hp Petrol p/u & Drive Motor
  • 6 Tonne Lifting Beam