New Design ABC 2-Drum Dual Axle Cable Trailer (June 2020)

This new trailer has a similar design to the popular 3-Drum ABC Trailer which has been produced for more than 30 years.  These trailers can carry 2 drums 1500mm diameter x 950mm wide.  The trailer has a payload of 2200kg and a spindle capacity of 1500kg.  Standard features of these trailers are :


  • Trailer frame finished in hot dip galvanising
  • ADR approved tandem axle with electric brakes
  • Landcruiser radial rims with 7.5 x 16 tyres
  • Wind down front jackleg/stabilisers
  • 75mm ring type swivel tow coupling
  • Coupling height – 600mm
  • 100m Herc-Alloy safety chain – no ends – suits 10mm Bartlett connection on towbar
  • Multi-voltage LED lights
  • Safety and operational signage – screen printed anodised aluminium or UV stable acrylic
  • Final coat finish – powder coating and/or 2 pack enamel
  • One set of Operational Manuals


A wide range of optional equipment for these trailers including hydraulic drum rotators for one or two drums at the same time.