New Design ABC 1-Drum Single Axle Cable Trailer (August 2020)

Redmond Gary has completed the design of a new 1-Drum ABC Cable Trailer complete in single axle configuration.  This type of trailer has been manufactured for many years, however it has now been redesigned and the width of the drum has been increased to 950mm.  This trailer is the last item in a range of trailers and drum stands that has been redesigned.  The complete set includes this trailer as well as a Dual Axle, Single Drum ABC Trailer; 2-Drum Dual Axle ABC Trailer and 3-Drum Dual Axle ABC Trailer as well as the ABC Drum Stand.  All of these items form a family of products and offer a comprehensive range of optional accessories.  All major components are interchangeable and give rise to manufacturing efficiencies, leading to cost savings.  The basic features of this trailer are as follows:

  • Trailer frame finish hot dip galvanised
  • Drum capacity 1500mm diameter x 950mm wide
  • Drum weight 1500kg
  • ADR approved single axle with electric brakes
  • Land Cruiser rims with 7.5 x 16 tyres
  • Wind down front jockey wheel and stabilisers
  • Ball type coupling
  • Coupling height 410mm
  • Trailer safety chain and D-shackle
  • Multi voltage LED lights
  • Safety and operational signage – screen printed, anodised aluminium or UV stable acrylic
  • Final coat finish – powder coating and/or 2 pack enamel
  • One set of Operational Manuals
  • Wide range of optional accessories available