25kN 3-Drum Winch for New Zealand (September 2020)

Steinmetz who are Redmond Gary Australia’s distributor in New Zealand will be supplying a new upgraded 25kN 3-Drum Winch to Northpower in Auckland.  It has been some years since RGA have supplied a 25kN 3-Drum Winch, and in the past most of these types of winches have been provided in other configurations with either a 3 x 10kN 3-Drum Winch or 10kN on 2 Drums and 1 Drum with 25kN for hauling underground cables.  Over the years, these machines have been continually upgraded and all of the upgrades and improvements in design have been included in this 25kN 3-Drum Winch.  Some of the upgraded features are:

  • 25kN rated fairlead
  • New design for the split drums, giving them a 25kN rating
  • New programmable screen and data logger, the new system uses a Parker display module which can be easily read in direct sunlight and can provide downloads from the data logger via a free smart phone app IQANgo (available in both the App Store or on Google Play) which transfers the data via Bluetooth.