5000kg Dual Cable Pusher (September 2020)

Garde Services have taken delivery of a specially designed 24.5kN Dual Cable Pusher set these Pushers are a CE type design and have been previously supplied to customers in Germany.  This more powerful Pusher has increased capacity from the standard 20kN to 24.5kN and features longer belts and an extra two clamping cylinders which apply less sidewall pressure on the cable and at the same time increase the pushing capacity.  The two Pushers have been supplied with a separate skid mount to accept the two power packs.  The skid mount has its own hydraulic system and combines the flow of the two power packs and synchronises the two pushers to give a maximum force of 49kN or 5000kg.

Both Pushers are radio controlled and can both be controlled by a single radio remote (pictured) or they can be used individually as stand alone units with separate radio controls.  There has been significant demand from our Australian and overseas customers for larger and larger capacity Cable Pushers.  This equipment is the first of its type and will give Garde Services a significant competitive advantage when installing longer underground cables leading to substantial cost savings with less pits required to be constructed and less cable joints.