18 kN Cable Winder (November 2020)

UON Pty Ltd have taken delivery of an 18kN Cable Winder. This Cable Winder has a capacity of 200m of 150mm sq, Prysmian Trailing cable  and plug. The Cable Winder has been supplied with two drums specially designed for this cable application. The Cable Winder has the capability to change the drum to install different cable options.

Redmond Gary Australia and UON Engineers worked very closely to design this equipment. UON’s customer is BHP and all designs are compliant with BHP engineering specifications and were certified by BHP Engineering before manufacturing commenced.

The Cable Winder is an integral part of UON’s supply to BHP and will be used to pay out and rewind cable used to power a pontoon mounted sump pump. The Cable Winder is skid mounted and can be lifted by a forklift or crane. It is provided with a blade at the front to help stop it from slipping when hauling cable in.

It features an 11kW electric motor that drives the hydraulic system control with the aid of a pendent. The Cable Winder is provided with full interlock guard system to maximize the operator’s safety.

This equipment will have a wide range of applications in the mining and contracting sectors.