Redmond Gary Australia was contacted by Ergon Childers Depot after they lost a substantial deposit on a powered drum stand when the company that they had ordered it through went into liquidation.

The specifications of the original unit were supplied to RGA, however, our sales and engineering teams were able to offer a new design based on RGA’s standard 1.5T Drum Stand. This new design incorporates features used on our 10kN Drum Winch.

The Drum Stand Winch is provided with a diesel-hydraulic power pack, fair lead cable guide, manual disc brake, split drum, and a spindle drive with clutch so it is possible to free-wheel the drum. It also includes operator and control safety guards, tie down points, lifting lugs, and forklift tyne apertures. The complete machine weighs 640kgs and is designed to be mounted in a box trailer or tray-back ute or truck.

The split drum can take up to 750kgs of cable. When the split drum is removed from the Drum Stand Winch, the stand can accept drum size 1600mm outside diameter by 950mm wide, weighing up to 1500kgs.

The maximum line pull is maximum 500kgs on the split drum or 1.2kN for all drums.

Ergon will use this unit for hauling the old conductor out whilst simultaneously hauling the new cable into position. Once the split drum is full of old conductor, it is easily removed and separated for scrap.
Nick R from Ergon commented that their depot had been using RGA equipment, including EPWs, for many years. He found dealing with the customer support and engineering team very easy and is very happy with the design and build quality of our equipment.

This new lightweight Drum Stand Winch is expected to be very useful for many depots, especially for short-run maintenance jobs. It is a low-cost item compared to more sophisticated equipment like the 10kN Drum Winch.

Pictured is Nick from Childers Depot and Mitch from Bundaberg Depot with their new 5kN Drum Stand Winch.