Training courses have been designed to be undertaken at any time using a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Courses are video-based training with questionnaires and certificates issued for all trainees.

Most of the major Electrical Authorities have expressed keen interest in being able to access this training portal.

We expect the training portal will be available for end users in the next 2-3 months.

The initial training will be offered on the following equipment;

  • TF17M MEWP
  • TL14M, TL16M & TL17M MEWP
  • 1.5T Drum Stand Winch
  • 2 Drum ABC Trailer
  • 20kN Side Mount Cable Pusher
  • 3T Drum Stand
  • 3X 3T Drum Stand
  • Dual Axle 1 Drum ABC Trailer
  • 10kN 3 Drum Winch Truck
  • 40kN Skid Mount Winch
  • 2/4kN Fibre Optic Winch Skid
  • 3 Drum ABC Trailer
  • 1.5T Drum Stand
  • 1T Self Loading Cable Drum Trailer
  • 1.5T Self Loading Cable Drum Trailer
  • 1.2T Self Loading Cable Drum Trailer
  • 1.7T Self Loading Cable Drum Trailer