Advantages of Using EWPs over Ladders

Advantages of Using EWPs over Ladders

A ladder is usually the default tool when people need to get work done on heights. Quite unfortunately, however, there are risks and limitations to its use. Thus, Elevating Work Platforms (EWPs), also known as cherry pickers, have become the better option.

To better convince you to opt for these platforms, here is a rundown of the advantages of EWPs over ladders.

EWPs are More Secure and Sturdier than Ladders.

Ladders are not properly held by a secure support and might sometimes be set at an unstable angle against a wall or post. Thus, there’s an increased risk of the ladder toppling down and injuring its user.

No matter how much a worker is accustomed to doing his tasks on heights, ladders might still feel unsafe. Comparatively, EWPs are mounted on a stronger foundation, such as a crane or harness that is sometimes set on a van. As such, its users don’t have to worry about losing balance.

Ladders can become slippery when it’s raining as well and workers might not be able to firmly grip on it and lose their footing. If they are harnessed on an EWP, however, these incidents can be easily avoided.

EWPs allow workers to use both their hands efficiently.

A worker needs both hands when fixing something at a height. However, if they are using a ladder to paint the outside walls of a second-floor house, for instance, one of their hands could be holding on to it to balance and steady themselves.

They won’t have to do this when working on an EWP since the harness and platform ensure they won’t fall. Thus, workers can do their job efficiently with both hands and focus on what they have to do.

EWPs provide comfort when workers have to work longer above ground.

Imagine standing on a ladder when a worker needs to be up a height far longer than expected. How uncomfortable and tiring would that be?

With EWPs, users get comfort and more space while working. They can do their job without slowly straining themselves, as they can shift positions and even set their tools down on the platform, if necessary.

EWPs enable workers to complete tasks faster.

The most work utility people or construction workers can cover while on top of a ladder is an area that’s as wide as their arms. They would need to go up and down, and move the ladder a few more times just to gain more ground. This system can be a huge waste of time.

Work is a lot less backbreaking or tiring on the legs when using EWPs. These machines allow workers to cover more areas faster, especially for heights and corners that aren’t accessible to ladders. By simply controlling the platform’s movements through its mechanisms, workers don’t need to step up or down repeatedly. They could just direct their harness to the next wall, windows, trees, posts, or electrical wires they have to fix.

EWPs are versatile.

There are varieties of uses for EWPs. Originally, designed for orchard workers and cherry pickers, this machine has been a popular requirement in construction sites, building maintenance and repairs, as well as utility services.

When it comes to working on heights in QLD, the guidelines about safety is clear. With EWPs, people whose jobs entail getting above ground could minimise accidents or mishaps and noncompliance with Australia’s strict workplace safety laws.

Find out more about EWPs and MEWPs here at Raymond Gary Australia Pty Ltd. Contact us for more enquiries.

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