What You Need to Know before Operating an MEWP

What You Need to Know before Operating an MEWP

Some jobs and projects will require more than just using a ladder or a platform. In these cases, a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) may just do the trick for you. A MEWP can save you from a good amount of headaches for as long as you are able to operate one properly.

Operating a MEWP isn’t something anyone can just do but this does not mean that it won’t be possible to learn. If you’re thinking of getting of purchasing or renting a MEWP, there are many things that you need to know first.

4 Things to Know before Operating a MEWP

1. Consider what project or job you’re doing

The first thing you need to know before you operate, or even acquire a MEWP is the kind of job or project that you will be needing the MEWP for. Will it be primarily for construction? Will you use it for your warehouse or for your orchard? The kind of job will dictate what kind of MEWP you need.

2. The safety guidelines for your MEWP model

Different MEWPs will have different safety guidelines. For some general tips, however, here’s a short list of what not to do, and what to watch out for regarding MEWP safety.

  • Getting stuck – Workers may become trapped in an overhead area if not operated properly. Make sure your operators are trained.
  • Falls – One of the more common things to watch out for. Make sure your workers always exercise proper safety guidelines.
  • MEWP Toppling – This can be due to imbalance, in which case the operator always has to make sure that the MEWP is balanced. This can also come from MEWP use on an uneven surface. Make sure that all uneven surfaces or potholes are accounted for.

3. Possible hazards in the workspace

Taking into account what we mentioned in the item above, it would be best to identify all possible hazards in the workspace in question.

  • Overhead hazards – these can include steel beams, power lines, or railings in warehouses and construction sites. Weak or rotting branches should be noted in orchards.
  • Floor surface – uneven surfaces can pose a threat to your workers in the MEWP. Look out for any potholes, bumps, or cracks in the floor.
  • Blind corners and obstacles – this is to minimise collisions.
  • Heavy foot traffic – to avoid injuring bystanders.
  • Electrical hazards – noting any electrical hazards is especially notable as these can potentially affect the MEWP and the rider.

4. Training and certification

MEWPs are effective pieces of equipment, but technical knowledge is needed to operate them. Make sure that you and your workers are properly trained in MEWP use. Companies that supply MEWPs can help you with certification and training.

Are you considering buying or hiring a MEWP for your job or project?

Our professionals at Raymond Gary are especially trained to train your company. We can also provide advice on what MEWPs you can buy or rent to suit the project you need. Contact us at 55949844 or you may visit our site for more enquiries.

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