GWS – Gantry Winding System

GWS – Gantry Winding System

Product Overview

Autoreel’s GWS range consists of pay-offs and take-ups, which come in a variety of sizes and types. We can also fit client-specified motors, gearboxes and drives. The three frame designs are:

Fixed – These are the standard units either take-up or pay-off (powered and un-powered).

Wide Gantry – These units have a wider gantry with the facility to move the drum within the frame. This allows for automatic drum layering for the take-ups that maintain the product in a straight line as it is reeled onto the drum. The pay-offs are fitted with automatic de-traversing which has the reverse effect.

Moving Gantry – These machines are the same width as the fixed units but are mounted on rails. This allows for lateral movement giving automatic traversing and de-traversing.

The GWS series of Take-up and Payoff units are available in four standard sizes, 4000, 6000, 10,000 and 20,000kg, other sizes are available to special order. The unique modular design and wide range of options allows them to be easily tailored to suit any application. A feature of the GWS range is its open design allowing ease of access around the drum. One of the standard modules is the motorised manoeuvring carriage, when fitted the machines become fully mobile with the versatility and variety of movement to efficiently pick up even the most awkwardly placed drums. This option also allows the machines to be moved around the working area.

  • Powered by variable speed, forward/reverse motor (take-up).
  • Electrically operated drum loading with independent pintles.
  • Range of detachable drum adapters.
  • Various drum drive plates.
  • Finished in Autoreel Grey or colour of your choice.

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