Reel to Reel Cut to Length Machine

Reel to Reel Cut to Length Machine

Product Overview

Autoreel’s complete solution to cable rewinding. These unique units combine a cable-winding machine with an integral payoff; thus the machine is a self-contained, all-in-one system.

Two models are available; both share the same winding head although there is a choice of payoff systems, they are available as shaft loading (CWPS) or in the more efficient pintle loading (CWPP) format. The CWP range will accept all standard Autoreel collapsible coiling heads, which are easily interchangeable with the drum shaft.

  • Powered by an infinitely variable speed motor.
  • Manual cable layering device.
  • Drum mounting attachments to suit all popular drum sizes.
  • Manual hydraulic hand pump for raising and lowering the drums on CWPS electrically operated pump on CWPP.
  • Friction disk brake on CWPP.

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