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Shaftless Pintle PLW-Winding Machines

Shaftless Pintle PLW-Winding Machines

Product Overview

Autoreel PLW machines uses a patented design concept that replaces the traditional shaft and utilise pintles to support the cable drum making loading very easy, reduces heavy handling and increases the efficiency of one-man operation.

The PLW cable winding machine layout gives the operator a clear view of all the monitoring of the operation from a single station. Easier loading and operation mean faster turn-around and thus make an important contribution to the economy of the winding process. For this reason the PLW series are especially suitable for multi-product, continual usage or large volume applications.

  • Powered by an infinitely, variable speed motor.
  • Hydraulically operated drum width adjustment.
  • Mounted on steerable wheels.
  • Spring actuated foot brakes.
  • Pintles to suit a wide range of drum bores.
  • Various drum driving attachments.
  • Dead man control switch.
  • Operation and maintenance handbook.

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