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12 Tonne Trailing Cable Reeler

12 Tonne Trailing Cable Reeler

Product Overview

Equipment Purpose

The unit was designed and built for the purpose of laying and retrieving trailing cables.


This machine was designed for mounting on a suitable cab chassis with a minimum size of 6 x 4. Depending on the capacity of the cab chassis, the cable reeler is capable of carrying up to 12,000 kg of cable. The cable reeler is designed to place cables on top of the bund on the side of the road to protect the cable from being hit or run over by other vehicles. The cable is placed on top of the bund with the aid of a hydraulically controlled extendable arm and is guided through three roller guides off the drum. The drum is capable of being slewed to line up with the guide rollers and telescopic arm.

The hydraulic system is PTO driven from the truck engine. The design is intended to lay cable while the truck is driving down the road at a maximum speed of 7km per hour. The complete system can be controlled from inside the cab by radio remote and monitored by several cameras. Alternatively, the system can be controlled by an operator outside the truck via radio remote. The system is also provided with manual over-ride.

When retrieving cables, they are pulled in directly over the back of the truck. There is a roller guide which goes across the back of the truck and the cable goes over this roller before going onto the drum. All rollers are manufactured from stainless steel and are corrosion resistant. The drum can rotate through +/- 25° which can assist in layer winding the cable onto the drum. As an alternative, a powered fairlead could be provided to lay the cable onto the drum with ease and to avoid any manual handling. As previously mentioned, all controls for drum rotation and drum slewing are radio remote so operators can stay well clear when laying or retrieving cable. The drum is supplied with a suitable aperture to accept the trailing cable plug.

The machine can be made in two versions – direct mount to the cab chassis or mounted via container locks. The unit shown in the photo above is mounted via container locks and has a number of options fitted so that the truck can be used for other purposes when the trailing cable equipment is removed leaving a flat bed tray.

Access to the deck is via two sets of steps – one either side of the drum assembly on the passenger side of the truck.


6 x 4 cab chassis, 6 x 6 or 8 x 8

Cable Drum

Drum Diameter 2900mm
Drum Diameter inner 1800mm
Drum Width 1550mm
Drum rotation speed (nominal) 5km/hr 11 RPM
Max. Drum line pull at 1800mm dia. 18kN
Max. Line pull at 2900mm dia. 11kN
Drum capacity (type 450 22KVA 185mm cable) 500 metres
Maximum cable weight depending on cab chassis selection 12000kg
Slew rotation from transport position +/- 25°
Drum brake capacity at 1800mm dia. 23kN

Cable Guide Arm Lift and Slew

Cable guide arm rotation 110°
Lift angle 20-30°
Arm cable extension maximum 4-5 metres


Engine speed with PTO engaged 700 RPM
Hydraulic pump flow 70 l/min
Hydraulic pump pressure relief setting 350 Bar
Power 45kW


  • Radio remote
  • Hydraulic manual control

Vehicle Dimensions mounted on Mack 6 x 6

Overall length 11,950mm
Overall width 3,050 mm
Overall height 3,030mm
Tare weight without skid and crane 13,330kg
Skid tare 4,420kg
Total Gross vehicle weight 30,310kg

Easy access step with interlock

(view image)

The machine is supplied with two sets of steps mounted on the passenger side of the truck. The steps shown in the photo are heavy duty aluminium construction with non-slip treads. The steps at the front of the vehicle are fitted with an interlock that prevents operation of the drum rotator if the steps are in the downward position. When steps are in the stowed position, they come flush with the deck. They were designed this way so that when the steps are folded up, the flat deck truck can then be used for other purposes.

There is a second access point at the rear of the truck on the same side. These are fold out ladder type which are also provided with electrical interlock system preventing the machine from being used while the access ladder is lowered.

Both sets of steps are of heavy duty construction and finished in powder-coat safety yellow.

Manual override control

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A set of manual controls is mounted on the passenger side of the skid and access is via a hinged door. The controls are directly attached to proportional valves for controlling drum rotation both directions and drum slew both directions. Manual override controls are meant to be a secondary control station in the event that there is a problem with the main control system, being the radio control.

Hydraulic Arm

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The skid is provided with a hydraulic arm and feed roller system making it possible to place cable approx 4-5 metres to one side of the truck with an elevation of approx. 3 metres at the end of the arm roller. This enables placement of the cable on the side of the roadway or on top of the bund to give it maximum protection.

Container Locks and Forklift Apertures

(view image)

If the skid-mount version is supplied, the skid is fixed to the tray body of the truck with the aid of four container locks. The skid mount is also provided with forklift apertures and lifting points so the skid can be loaded onto the truck using a crane or forklift. All other connections are via individual plugs.

Radio Control

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The machine is provided with two radio remote control units. One can be located in the truck and the other can be controlled by an operator outside the vehicle. Radio control units are hand-held and compact. The radio control units are safety rated to SIL 3 for emergency stop.

Option 1
(view image)
Custom made tray body
Tray bodies are custom built to suit the cab chassis selected. Custom designed bodies are developed in conjunction with the customer and a full set of drawings is provided before manufacture can start.
Option 2
(view image)
Storage cabinets (custom made)
A wide variety of storage cabinets for tools and spare parts can be provided and built in. Storage cabinets are either made from aluminium checker plate or powder-coated 1.6mm zinc anneal sheet. Cabinets can be provided with gas struts, stainless steel locks and internal lighting systems.
Option 3
(view image)
A self-contained Kubota 5.5 kVA generator can be provided with single phase outlets built into the underside of the tray for easy access.
Option 4
(view image)
Air Compressor
Atlas Copco hydraulically driven air compressor and tank can be provided. These can be built into the underside of the tray and protected by robust guard systems.
Option 5
(view image)
Lighting and Camera System
Multiple camera system, together with HID Lights can be provided to give the operator clear vision of the drum and cable being picked up or deposited through multiple cameras. A number of HID lights can be provided to illuminate the area around the truck and the truck tray making it easy to operate 24 hours per day.
Option 6
Level winder for picking up trailing cables
A level winder can be provided with a suitable fairlead assembly to layer wind the cable neatly onto the drum. This option protects the cable from being overloaded or crossed on the drum and eliminates the requirement for an operator to guide the cable onto the drum. The fairlead assembly consists of four rollers with the top one being able to open to allow the cable to be fed into the fairlead. The fairlead can be made adjustable to layer wind different cable sizes.

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