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4-Tonne Adjustable Drum Stand

4-Tonne Adjustable Drum Stand


These robust hot dip galvanized cable drum stands are designed to be placed on the ground or on the back of a tray-back truck and are provided tie down points. All spindle hardware is zinc plated and gold passivated, the hydraulic disc brake is manufactured from stainless steel. They are also provided with lifting lugs, one on each side. In addition to this, there are lifting points provided on each end of the spindle assembly for lifting the drum and spindle out of the stand. The spindle is manufactured from special high tensile hollow section and can be lifted by one person.


Maximum Drum Mass: 4000kg
Maximum Drum Diameter: 2400mm, 2600mm, 2800mm adjustable
Maximum Drum Width : 1350mm, 1550, 1750mm adjustable with change of spindle
Spindle diameter: 82mm

The drum stand is bolted together and can be adjusted for width and diameter and can be dismantled for easy transport.

The spindle is mounted on maintenance free bearings and is provided with 2kN drag disc brake which is manually applied.

Standard Equipment

  • Drum stand frame complete
  • 1 spindle
  • 2kN disc brake with manual control
  • 1 set of spindle hardware, sleeves, clamp and torque arm
  • 1 set of spindle bearing blocks

360 view


    • 4kN drag brake
    • Hydraulic brake control
    • Link bolt kit to bolt drum stands together

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