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Fibre Reinforced Dunnage

Fibre Reinforced Dunnage

Product Overview

Redmond Gary Australia have developed a new type of composite called Dura-Comp 40. This unique composite incorporates high strength and high dielectric strength originally designed for MEWP insulation systems. It has also been used to produce Dunnage Plates. Its high strength, ranging from 300MPa to 1000MPa ultimate tensile strength makes this an ideal product to be used to manufacture Dunnage.

The Dunnage Redmond Gary manufactures is unique as it can bridge gaps of up to 200mm and still fully support the load to its rated capacity.

Dunnage can be supplied in a range of sizes to meet customer requirements. Industry standard sizes are 550 x 550 mm and 300 x 300 mm with a range of other sizes being available and can be supplied in a range of colours. Redmond Gary can also make dunnage of a size to suit customer’s precise requirements. Dunnage has been designed to have uniform stiffness and the ability to spread the load evenly across the surface of the ground with improved characteristics in comparison with plastic dunnage.

Redmond Gary dunnage has many advantages over wooden dunnage:

  • High strength
  •  Heavy duty
  • Long service life
  • Lightweight – easy to position and store
  • Stiffer than plastic dunnage
  • Cannot absorb moisture
  • Won’t rot
  • Cannot splinter
  • Rough surface with high coefficient of friction – equivalent to timber
  • Spread jackleg loads evenly across surfaces
  • Used to span voids (consult Redmond Gary prior to determine suitability)
  • Lighter and thinner than timber to handle the same load
  • Has soft flexible carry handles
  • Available in bright colours – so less likely to be lost
  • Company logo can be printed

Dunnage can be described in the following ways:
– Crane outrigger pads, sleeper dunnage, crane foot, outrigger pads, RV jack pads, crane foot pads, square crane stabiliser pads, crane outrigger pads, mobile crane outrigger pads, crane outrigger pads or bucket truck, crane pads, stabiliser foot pads, square outrigger pads, round outrigger pads, stackable outrigger pads and crane pads.

Dunnage Specifications and User Guide PDF

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