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Redmond Gary Australia is introducing the world’s first innovative electrical terminal protection caps manufactured by EyeCap International Korea.

Terminal caps, washers and lugs are made with silicon compounds UL94-V-0 which withstands up to 600V.

Terminal caps are made to visualise at the first glance the terminal heat which arises due to loose contact and overload.

Product Introduction

  • Terminal end caps, washers and terminal lugs were invented with the aim to protect, while being cost effective.
  • They are made with silicon compounds UL94-V-0, which withstands up to 600V at 150°C.
  • Terminal caps and washers manufactured with reversible and irreversible colour changing to visualise at the first glance the terminal heat, which rises due to loose contact and overload.
  • EyeCaps can withstand temperature of up to 320°C and can also withstand for 191.8 seconds when an electrical arc occurs.
  • Compared to PVC silicon, the product is highly heat resistant, fire proof and without any toxic gases such as Hydrogen Chloride.

Product Features

  • The colour changes starting at 55°C and completed 70°C in reversible pigment area.
  • It is possible for anyone to inspect with the naked eye at a glance and induce inspector’s fast judgement (no equipment needed).
  • Irreversible button indication to know the threat of terminal in your absence.
  • Easy to install with simple insertion without disturbing existing electrical installation.
  • Reversible washers to install on busbars and lugs.
  • Until 16mm2, EyeCaps are available in two options: either irreversible or reversible, both without button.
  • From 25mm2, EyeCaps are available in a combination of both, reversible area and irreversible button.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Eliminates short circuits in electrical panels.
  • Reduces PPM time.
  • Very effective and efficient way of monitoring electrical panels.
  • Drastically reduces the failure rate of connected electrical assets/equipment.
  • It does not disturb any functionality of the installed electrical system, only additional insertion is necessary.
  • Negligible cost and life of this product enhances the cable life

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