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Conduit Trailer and Straightener Cable Trailer

Conduit Trailer and Straightener Cable Trailer

Product Overview


The conduit trailer is designed to take two coils of conduit, one mounted from either side of the trailer. There are gates provided on each side of the trailer which hinge from the front. When opened the conduit support frames are accessible. These frames are provided with four fingers which support the inside of the coil. The fingers can be rotated 180° so they all face towards the centre to make it easy to load a coil of conduit. The diameter can also be adjusted at 50mm intervals to accommodate a range of conduit core sizes. Each roll of conduit is mounted on the support frame and the fingers are rotated back around 180° after the conduit has been installed. The end of the conduit is clamped using a special fixture and tied back to the support frame with a strap. The free end is pulled through the straightener by other means. Each coil support frame is rotated on specially designed sealed bearings and each support frame is provided with a stainless steel disc brake. Brakes are controlled remotely via a hand pump and zero leakage valving. A pressure gauge is provided for each brake. Brakes are intended to be used as a drag brake to prevent the coil from over running when pulling is stopped.

When the gates are closed the coils can be accessed via a slot provided above the mudguards. Coil strapping is cut using a special pole mounted tool. This eliminates the risk of operators having to bend down to access the coils or being in the danger zone when releasing the tension when straps are cut.

The trailer is provided with a conduit straightener and re-rounder. This unit is located at the back of the trailer on linear bearings and will glide backwards and forwards to find the position to suit the conduit coming off the coil. The straightener re-rounder can accommodate conduit diameters 110mm, 140mm and 160mm. The straightener is provided with three rollers, the middle one adjusted by a hydraulic cylinder via a hand pump. This breaks the back of the conduit (straightening). There are two vertical rollers provided to re-round the conduit. These rollers are adjusted manually.

The trailer base is hot dip galvanised. Other parts are powder coated safety yellow and satin black. The trailer has been designed to comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR) and Australian Standards.


  • Maximum Load Mass – 2 coils: 560kg each
  • Maximum Coil Diameter: 3700mm
  • Maximum Coil Width: 600mm
  • Overall Length: 6010mm
  • Overall Width: 2400mm
  • Overall Height (Laden): 4290mm
  • Mass (Unladen): 1600kg
  • Standard Trailer Brake Type: Electric
  • Transmission: Hydraulic

Parts Books & Operating Instructions

The equipment is supplied with one copy of an operation manual which includes operating instructions, safety information, hydraulic and electrical schematics (if applicable), etc. Additional copies are available upon request at a nominal cost.

Change in Specification

Specification provided is approximate, it can be confirmed on the quote if requested.

Design and improvement of products is a continuous process. We, therefore, reserve the right to make design improvements differing from this specification after receipt of an order. However, any major changes will only be made with the approval of the customer or its’ representatives.


12 months parts and labour in accordance with guarantee and sales conditions.

  • Trailer frame finished in hot dip galvanising
  • ADR approved tandem axle with electric brakes
  • Landcruiser radial rims, 205/80 R16 tyres
  • Wind down front jockey wheel and wind down rear stabilisers
  • 50mm ball coupling to AS4177.3-2011
  • 7 pin large round trailer plug
  • LED lights
  • Twin stainless steel disc brakes with remote hydraulic control
  • Straightener / re-rounder for conduit diameters 110, 140, 160mm  (view image)
  • Set of guards all round. Side guards open completely for loading conduit  (view image)
  • Safety and operational signage – anodised aluminium or UV stable engraved plastic
  • Final finish for mudguards and straightener re-rounder powder coated Intrepid Safety Yellow – Product Code ME096A
  • All guards powder coated Satin Black
  • One operation and service manual

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