Products Winches 10kN Truck-Mounted Recovery Winch

10kN Truck-Mounted Recovery Winch

10kN Truck-Mounted Recovery Winch

Product Overview

The 10kN Truck-Mounted recovery winch is designed for tension stringing of overhead cables in distribution networks. The truck is provided with a single 10kN winch with a split drum as standard. In addition, it is provided with a drum stand complete with disc brake capable of carrying a drum up to 1200mm diameter, weighing 1500kg. This configuration has been designed to operate in confined areas such as narrow streets and busy roads in metropolitan areas. The drum winch has been specially designed for pulling old overhead conductors onto a storage reel and at the same time, pulling new conductors into their place. The winch is provided with one storage reel and an overhead fairlead which reciprocates back and forth for layer winding onto the drum.

The above photo, taken looking down on the truck, shows the layout of the winch with generous access provided for operators. Chains are provided in place of fixed handrails to make it easy to access all parts of the winch using forklift or other apparatus. All hydraulic componentry is readily accessible via removable panels for service purposes.

The operator enclosure is provided with safety mesh screen on all sides giving the maximum level of protection. Enclosure is accessed via a door on the kerb side.

When operating the winch at 10kN line pull for re-conductoring overhead lines, the cable is run through a fairlead layer winding device and onto the split drum.

The drums are split type metal construction and can easily be removed from their carriers. The winch is provided with a load monitoring system that indicates the line pull.

The unit comes complete with the following:

  • Maximum line pull 10kN (measured mean diameter)
  • PTO driven variable displacement piston pump
  • 2 split drums complete with spindle and crane lifting hooks
  • Single axis joystick control
  • A layering control device is mounted on the stern of the truck
  • Mounted to the truck chassis via fish plates
  • Main subframe is sandblasted and painted with 2-Pack. All other components are powdercoated, provided with aluminium checker plate floor.
  • Fully protected operator’s position
  • Ergonomically designed control console
  • One work (flood) light on platform
  • One amber rotating light on operator cage
  • One fluorescent light in operator’s cage
  • Parameters:
    • Line pull 10kN
    • Rope speed
    • 40 m/min (mean diameter)
    • Major drum diameter – 1000mm
    • Inner drum diameter – 500mm
    • Drum width – 520mm
    • Maximum drum mass – 1500kg
    • Input – PTO from the truck
    • Winch control – Single axis joystick (oil pilot)
    • Wire control – Hydraulic motor with ball screw transmission
  • Provision to free-wheel
  • Free-wheel drag brake
  • Fairlead rollers supplied for operating 10kN line pull
  • Lifting beams to remove drums (2)
  • Drum stand with disc brake for drum 1200mm diameter up to 1500kg
  • Storage for spare split drum

Change in Specifications

Specification provided is approximate, it can be confirmed on the quote if requested.

Design and improvement of products is a continuous process. We, therefore, reserve the right to make design improvements differing from this specification after receipt of an order. However, any major changes will only be made with the approval of the customer or its’ representatives.

For options available please contact one of our sales team.

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