Products Winches 10kN/25kN 3-Drum Skid-Mounted Dual Purpose Recovery Winch

10kN/25kN 3-Drum Skid-Mounted Dual Purpose Recovery Winch

10kN/25kN 3-Drum Skid-Mounted Dual Purpose Recovery Winch

Product Overview

The dual-purpose 3-Drum recovery winch has been specially designed for pulling old overhead conductors onto a storage reel and at the same time pulling the new conductors into their place. The winch is provided with 3 storage reels and an overhead fairlead which reciprocates back and forth for layer winding onto the drums.

This winch can also be used for pulling underground cables in Mode No. 2. When set in this mode, the winch on the kerb side only is operated. This winch has a line pull of 25kN and hauls cable through a universal fairlead which can pull at any angle and will rotate 360°. This winch is normally used in conjunction with steel non-rotating wire cable.

Photo from the rear of the truck shows the all angle fairlead on the left hand side and directly behind it the 25kN drum inserted into the winch frame. On the right hand side you can see one of the standard split drums inserted into the winch frame.

When operating the winch in Mode No. 1 i.e. with 3 drums at 10kN line pull for re-conductering overhead lines, the winch drum on the left hand side is replaced with a split drum the same as that shown on the right hand side in the photo and conductors are run through the fairlead/roller system shown in the photo at the top.

The drums are split-type metal construction and can be easily removed from their carriers. One fixed type heavy duty drum for hauling cables at 25kN line pull is also provided. The winch is provided with a load monitoring system that indicates line pull. The unit has an operator enclosure manufactured from wire mesh and has its own power pack. The winch unit is skid-mounted and is designed to be put on the back of a flat-top truck using quick-release container locks.

The unit comes complete with the following:

    • Maximum line pull 10 kN per drum (measured mean diameter) or 25kN on one winch only.
    • 30 kN total pull on 3 drums simultaneously or 25kN on one drum
    • 60 kW @ 2600 rpm turbo charged water cooled diesel engine in lockable cabinet
    • 3 split drums complete with spindle and crane lifting hooks
    • 1 Fixed drum complete with spindle and crane lifting hooks
    • Single axis joystick control of 1, 2 or 3 drums at a time, with a system of three solenoid valves which will provide selection of any or all winch functions.
    • A layering control device mounted on the stern of the skid.
    • All angle fairlead mounted at floor level and the stern of the winch.
    • Suitable skid frame complete with chain sling for lifting and corner castings for container locking device.
    • Complete layer winder support frame and skid frame galvanised and control console powdercoated.
    • Fully protected operator’s position.
    • Ergonomically designed control console.
  • One work (flood) light on platform.
  • One amber rotating light on operator cage.
  • One fluorescent light in operator cage.
  • Parameters:
    – Line pull – Mode 1 – 10kN per winch (mean diameter)
    – Line pull – Mode 2 – 25kN on one winch only
    – Rope speed – 40 m/min (mean diameter)
    – Major drum diameter – 1000 mm
    – Inner Drum diameter – 500 mm
    – Drum width – 520 mm
    – Max. Drum Mass – 1500 kg
    – Input power – 60kW @ 2600 rpm Diesel Engine
    – Winch control – Single axis joystick (oil pilot) to allow operation of 1, 2 or 3 drums simultaneously with rotary switch winch selection.
    – Wire control Hydraulic cylinder
  • Provision to free-wheel.
  • Lifting chain set for removing 3-drum winch assembly from the truck consisting of 3-legged chain set.
  • Fairlead rollers supplied for 3 winches when operating at 10kN line pull
  • Universal fairlead supplied for one winch when hauling underground cables up to 25kN line pull
  • Lifting beam to remove drums.

Parts Books & Operating Instructions

The equipment is supplied with one copy of an operation manual which includes operating instructions, safety information, major assembly drawings, hydraulic and electrical schematics (if applicable), etc. Additional copies are available upon request at nominal cost.

Change in Specification

Design and improvement of products is a continuous process. We, therefore, reserve the right to make design improvements differing from this specification after receipt of an order. However, any major changes will only be made with the approval of the customer or its’ representatives.


12 months parts and labour in accordance with guarantee and sales conditions.

  • Supply additional split drums (view image)
  • Supply additional standard fixed drums
  • Supply of drop down walkway on kerb side (view image)
  • Double drum speed – 80 metres/minute (Mean diameter)
  • Data Logger (view image)

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