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Cable handling equipment for the mining industry

Redmond Gary Australia manufactures a range of cable handling equipment. For the handling of trailing cables used in conjunction with face shovels, drag lines and other electric powered equipment. For handling trailing cables we have a modular design unit that is skid mounted and fitted to the back of a truck or a prime mover with the aid of container locks. The cable reel unit can carry cable weighing up to 12,500kg and is capable of retrieving cables, from the pit to the depth of 100m. This unit is provided with an articulated arm to deposit the cables to the side of the roadway where they are less likely to be damaged by passing traffic. The unit is hydraulically driven by a separate power pack or PTO driven pump from the prime mover. The cable reel can be rotated to dispense cable from either side of the unit and directly from the back. Control of the rotation of the drum is by radio remote so personnel can stay well clear of the equipment to increase safety. The cable reel unit can pick up and deposit cable of speeds up to 5 km/h. Cable reel trucks can be specifically designed to meet varying needs of mine sites including fitment of additional accessories such as air compressor, generator, truck mounted frame and specific storage requirements to meet customer’s requirements.

These units can also be integrated into a cab chassis with suitable loading capacity to accept the cable reel module. Trucks can be provided in 4WD and 6WD versions and the module can be permanently fixed, if required, with full integration to the cab chassis. Optional lighting systems can be provided, together with cameras, so equipment can be used 24 hours per day and in combination with camera systems and radio control, the operator does not need to leave the truck when dispensing cable. For smaller jobs, a trailer mounted unit is available with a maximum cable weight of 7,000kg.

Equipment for electrical distribution

In addition, Redmond Gary Australia makes a comprehensive cable handling equipment for on-site electrical distribution. The equipment includes high voltage elevating work platforms, models TL14M and TL17M. These trucks can be provided with a wide range of accessories to increase safety and useability of the vehicles. These trucks are designed for working on overhead distribution power lines.

There is also a comprehensive range of cable handling equipment to cater for heavy cables for underground applications. These include drum stands from 150kg to 30,000kg. To be used in conjunction with drum stands, we also provide a comprehensive range of recovery winches. These winches are available in 20kN, 40kN and 60kN versions. Larger capacity winches can be provided on special order. All winches are fully self-contained and include diesel hydraulic power packs or electric power packs. Winches are provided with data loggers and can be preset for specific line pull. These recovery winches are not only used for installing of cables, they have been used for a wide range of other mine site applications. If required, winches can be trailer mounted or truck mounted. A variety of different types of ropes can be provided including steel winch cable, steel non-rotating plaited winch cable and high strength fibre winch cables. All winch cables for recovery applications have a safety factor of at least 3:1.

Redmond Gary Australia has had over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing cable handling equipment. We specialise in overhead, underground and fibre optic cable installation equipment. Redmond Gary engineering also design and manufacture equipment specially to meet customer’s unique requirements.

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