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The purpose of our Self-Loading Cable Drum Trailers is safely to use drums to transport and manipulate cables and wiring easily, to remote locations. The products Redmond Gary designs and produces are always in compliance with all industry regulations and HS&E requirements.

In this dynamic field, designs are constantly changing and we are always trying to meet our client’s needs. For the last 18 years we have been satisfying clients with our products and improving simultaneously to manufacture cable reel trailers with respectable quality and functionality.

All of our trailers can be customised and offer additional options and modules, such as motors to power the hydraulic pistons. We offer a range of different specifications for your cable drum trailer for sale including various add-on products.

A Redmond Gary Cable Trailer is specifically designed to be operated by one man only. No additional work crew is needed because of the mechanized design of the trailers. This cuts additional costs and makes the work easier and safer.

The Cable Drum Trailers are manufactured in our 6,000 square-meter facility equipped with the latest production machinery. Our production lines are operated by factory-certified technicians, while the cable trailers are designed and engineered by our experienced design engineering staff.

When it comes to superb quality trailers, Redmond Gary produces one of the top tier cable trailers for sale in Australia.

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  • All of the trailers come with an operation manual, intended for the operator or servicer. The manual contains all the information needed from handling the piece of equipment to assembly and electrical schematics.
  • All our products are certified and can be registered under the laws of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Every Cable Drum Trailer comes with a 12-month warranty. Feel free to consult us directly about more detailed info about the warranty policy. This includes both parts and labour.
  • Take some time to check-out our products specification pages, which all include a picture of every trailer with more detailed information. With a just a few clicks you can find out more about the dimensions and specifications of our cable drum trailers for sale.

Important notice: All of the products above can be reviewed through links that lead to more detailed specification about our trailers.

  • Besides the vast range of customisable trailers for specific cable drum transport and handling requirements, the modular design of our products make them very easy and safe to use.
  • We are constantly improving the design and modifications for our products.
  • Redmond Gary offer a great deal of support for our existing customers, including spare parts, labour, and major inspections and rebuilds.

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