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Redmond Gary Australia runs a separate after sales service department which caters for the requirements of warranty servicing and after sales service for all types of equipment including elevating work platforms, crane borers, trailer mounted and skid mounted cable handling equipment as well as in-factory equipment such as cut to length systems. A team of highly trained technicians with many years of experience can handle the most challenging service requirements, whether it be mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or electronic. In the event that technicians find a problem that is too difficult to solve, the service department can call on the engineering team who employ a range of tertiary qualified mechanical and electrical engineers for assistance.

The service department not only has highly skilled personnel, it also has an extensive range of workshop equipment. Equipment includes overhead gantry cranes, up to 25,000kg, 1000m2 of high bay workshop space, in-shop exhaust extraction system so equipment can be run without the risk of carbon monoxide pollution, a comprehensive range of jigs and fixtures for working on and dismantling equipment, specialised hydraulic test equipment for electronically monitoring pressures flow rates and hydraulic oil contamination rates. In addition, the service department has access to full fabrication facilities, comprehensive machine shop and a hydraulic test bay that can be used to calibrate valves and test/repair hydraulic cylinders.

Certification & Compliance

All work is performed in accordance with Australian Standards and is fully documented and traceable in our MRP System (Manusoft) as part of ISO9001.

Redmond Gary also carries out major inspections for MEWP’s after 10 years and after 15 years. These inspections include completely dismantling the machinery and includes any safety upgrades that may be required to meet the requirements of AS2550.

Redmond Gary is not offering major inspections due to labour shortages at this time, we will supply recommended spare parts kits for 10 and 15 year major inspections, if you require a quote please contact Spare Parts.

Redmond Gary will provide load testing and recertification for the fly jib, levelling rod and turret insert.


At the completion of a major inspection the equipment is put through type testing and stability testing, the same as a new piece of equipment. In addition, the service department has access to a full high voltage electrical testing facility. This facility is NATA approved and manned Energex personnel. This gives independent high voltage electrical testing which every machine that has completed a major inspection will be subject to. This testing is a type test and is carried out under much higher voltage and stringent requirements compared with routine testing. This type of test is normally only performed on brand new vehicles but it is Redmond Gary’s policy to ensure that all equipment is subject to this type of testing as it is a major safety requirement.

Redmond Gary also rebuilds cable handling equipment such as self-loading cable drum trailers and skid mounted equipment. Equipment can be rebuilt to “as new” condition depending on customer’s requirements. It is usual to replace air cooled petrol engines with water cooled diesel engines as these are industry standard nowadays. In addition, the machines can be upgraded with more advanced accessories that were not available when they were originally supplied. Redmond Gary Australia has rebuilt equipment that is up to 25 years old and our customers have commented that they are unable to tell the difference between a rebuilt unit and a brand new unit.

For equipment that is remotely located, Redmond Gary can send one of their technicians to repair equipment on site. In some cases this is done in conjunction with a local repairer that may not have extensive product knowledge of the equipment.

Redmond Gary can also repair and maintain equipment manufactured by other companies.

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