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Cut to Length Systems

Cut to length systems are used by cable manufacturers and cable distributors. Cut to length systems are used in conjunction with a larger drum of cable to pay off a job length of cable, usually ordered by their customer. Redmond Gary Australia manufactures heavy duty cut to length systems for use by cable manufacturers. These systems include drum roller systems that can carry drums weighing up to 10,000kg. In addition we manufacture a portable cut to length machine. This machine can be driven across the factory floor to line up with the dispensing drum. The cut to length system will take a drum up to 2,600mm diameter and 1,400mm wide, with the drum complete with cable weighing up to 6,000kg. Empty drums are rolled into cut to length systems. The operator sets the system to the desired cable length. The cut to length machine pulls the cable off the storage drum and onto the empty drum, stopping when the desired length is achieved. The cable is normally cut using a hydraulic cable cutter and tied back to the drum.

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Redmond Gary Australia is also the Australian distributor for Autoreel.  Autoreel manufactures a much greater range of cut to length systems from small hand operated machines with capacities of 50kg through to large industrial machines with capacities to 20,000kg.  All cut to length systems can be provided with guards that comply with the OH&S Regulations.  There are many different types of cut to length systems.  Some systems use axles to go through the drum.  Other systems use pintles which are small protrusions which go into the holes on either side of the drum.  Empty drums are rolled into the machine and before lifting the drum the drum is located with a spindle or pintle system.  The drum is then lifted and power rotated for haul cable off the storage reel.  Machines can be manually operated or power driven or fully automated, depending on options chosen and customer’s requirements.


For larger drums a separate machine is required to lift and rotate the drum to pay the cable off.  These machines are connected to the cut to length machine so the rotation speeds between the two machines are synchronised to maintain cable tension onto the drum.

For smaller cable drums with winding side drum up to 1,000mm and payout drum up to 1,200mm, we can offer a special machine that handles both drums.  This saves time and valuable space.

For large warehouses where different types of cables are being dispensed, we can provide a tailor made live cable drum racking system.  This allows cables to be stored in racks are up to 4 cable drums high.  Racking can accommodate the drums weighing from 1,000kg up to 6,000kg.

The unique cast steel safety chock allows the drum to be easily loaded whilst preventing the drum being dislodged during operation.

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