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Cable Drum Transporter

Cable Drum Transporter


The cable drum transporter is designed to carry heavy drums for underground cable installations.

Cable Drum Transporter – General

This equipment is specially designed for carrying large heavy drums of underground cable. The cable drum stand module is equipped with three different spindles – two lightweight spindles – one capable of carrying drums up to 3000kg and the other capable of carrying drums up to 8000kg. Both spindles are coloured coded with black and white inserts in the end of the spindle which correspond with load charts marked on the drum stand module giving loading capacities. There is a third solid spindle provided giving capacity up to 9500kg. All three spindles are provided with their own storage location, accessed behind the rear wheel on the kerb side of the truck.

The drum stand module is provided with drum rotator which is friction drive acting on the outside of the drum. In addition, the module is capable of being slewed 110° in each direction. Rotation is via epicyclic gearbox engaged into the slew ring assembly. In addition to the drive arm and power rotation a remotely operated disc brake is provided. Control of this disc brake is from the kerb side of the truck at ground level and is operated by hydraulic hand pump and control knobs.

A series of guide rollers are located on both sides and across the rear of the truck. When cable is being fed into open trenches, cable is fed off the top of the drum, across one side of the side rollers and through a special cable guide which can be positioned on a telescopic arm to drop cable into a trench up to 2.5 metres either side of the truck . It is possible to drive the truck down the road depositing the cable into an open trench on either side of the truck at a speed of up to 5 km/hour.

Alternatively, cable can be fed from the top of the drum and across the rear roller assembly and pulled through underground ducts with the aid of a cable hauling winch. All rollers and cable guides are provided with sealed ball bearings for easy rotation and are practically maintenance free. The cable drum transporter is provided with wide opening gates on both sides of the transporter and cable drums can be loaded into the unit with the aid of a forklift or crane.

Access to the deck is via three sets of fold-out steps – two located on the kerb side of the truck and one located on the road side.

Hydraulic System

PTO driven variable displacement piston pump used in conjunction with proportional hydraulic valving. Control of the drum transporter module has two modes – Primary mode is by radio remote control using a hand-held radio transmitter and secondary mode is the manual controls located on the kerb side, directly behind the cab. There is a separate control station also mounted on the kerb side toward the rear of the truck which controls the hydraulically extendable rear support arms and the hydraulic tool circuit.

Highest level filtration system is provided featuring 10 micron absolute filtration and incorporates pressure filter, return line filter and breather elements.


The unit is mounted on a 6 x 4 cab chassis of the customer’s choice. Changes in the cab chassis specification may change the loading characteristics of the unit. The unit is basically a two piece design. The main tray body is mounted to the chassis rail using fish plates. The drum transporter module is of extremely rigid construction and is mounted on flexible mounts so as to not overload the cab chassis when travelling across rough terrain.


Drive for the hydraulic system is provided via live fly-wheel PTO or gearbox PTO. If live drive option is taken, it gives the possibility of driving the truck down the road and depositing the cable simultaneously.


12 months parts and labour


Redmond Gary equipment is manufactured to ISO 9001-2015

Change in Specification

Specification provided is approximate, it can be confirmed on the quote if requested.

Design and improvement of products is a continuous process. We, therefore, reserve the right to make design improvements differing from this specification after receipt of an order. However, any major changes will only be made with the approval of the customer or its’ representatives.

Truck 6 x 4 Cab Chassis
Maximum Drum Weight 9500kg
Drum Size
   – Maximum Drum diameter 2830mm
   – Maximum Drum Width 1650mm
Drum Rotator Torque 2kN
Drum Stand Rotation +/- 110°
Roller Guides 1 set on kerb side, driver side and rear of truck
Controls Radio/Manual Control
Extendable Fairlead arm
Maximum overall width
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