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6.0 Tonne Self Loading Cable Trailers

6.0 Tonne Self Loading Cable Trailers

Product Overview


6-Tonne self-loading cable drum trailer is a unique design which includes two independently controlled lifting arms and chain link to the spindle bearing carriers. This makes it possible to pick up drums that are not aligned to the trailer or are on uneven surfaces. All Redmond Gary self-loading cable drums trailers incorporate this design feature. All trailers are designed for one-man operation. Due to the mechanized design of the trailers which includes hydraulic jacklegs, hydraulic lift arms and drum rotators, trailers can be used for lifting drums, rotating drums etc all by one person. All trailer spindles are high tensile hollow section making them light enough to be a single person lift.

The trailers are of rugged construction featuring hot dip galvanized frame and powdercoated sheet metal components. All trailers are equipped with water-cooled diesel engine and fully self-contained powerpack. Trailers are designed to comply with Australian Standards and Australian Design Rules. They can be registered in any state in Australia and New Zealand. A wide range of optional accessories is available.

Lifting System

The Self loading Cable Trailer is primarily designed for transporting drums of electrical power cable and paying out cable at the work site.

The unit has a number of features which improve productivity by permitting safe, one man handling of cable drums.

  • The cable trailer need not be positioned accurately to pick up the load. Chains attached to the pickup arms provide the required flexibility.
  • Hydraulic power is used to load the trailer and pay out cable ar the work site.
  • The Drum support shaft is manufactured from high tensile steel tube and can easily be fitted throught the cable drum by one person.
  • The cable drum shaft rotates on loe friction, weather resistant bearings.
  • A drum rotator turns the drum to pay out or reel in.

Because the cable trailer has been designed for one man operation, use of the trailer can free personnel for other tasks or allow smaller work groups to maintain effective output. The principles of the Self Loading Cable trailers may be used in other applications including:

  • Telephone and Optical Cable
  • Irrigating Hose
  • Newsprint Rolls
  • Conveyor Belting
  • Defence Equipment
  • Seismic Line


  • Max Load Mass: 6 Tonne
  • Max Drum Diameter: 2800 mm
  • Max Drum Width : 1450 mm
  • Standard Spindle Diameter: 95 mm
  • Overall Length : 6115 mm
  • Overall Width: 2500 mm
  • Height Loaded: 3400 mm
  • Height Unladen : 2980 mm
  • Mass Unladen: 3200 kg
  • Standard Trailer Brake Type: “S” Cam to ADR 38
  • Engine: 15 kW
  • Transmission: Hydraulic

Please note the spindle diameter quoted is a special light weight spindle with 95mm outside diameter. If you require 90mm you will require a solid spindle in order to carry the 6 tonne drum weight. A solid spindle will be much heavier than the hollow one we normally provide and it will be a 2 or 3 man operation to lift the spindle And it involves additional cost to fit our standard spindle components. For this reason, most authorities prefer light weight spindles.

Parts Books & Operating Instructions

The equipment is supplied with one copy of an operation manual which includes operating instructions, safety information, major assembly drawings, hydraulic and electrical schematics (if applicable), etc. Additional copies are available upon request at nominal cost.

Change in Specification

Specification provided is approximate, it can be confirmed on the quote if requested.

Design and improvement of products is a continuous process. We, therefore, reserve the right to make design improvements differing from this specification after receipt of an order. However, any major changes will only be made with the approval of the customer or its’ representatives.


12 months parts and labour in accordance with guarantee and sales conditions.

360 view


    • Trailer frame finished in hot dip galvanising
    • Operational controls housed in weather-proof cabinet located on kerb side of the trailer
    • Operational controls housed in weather secured cabinet located on kerb side of the trailer
    • Control Cabinet manufactured from 1.6mm zinc anneal sheeting finished with powder coating – all seams and edges are sandblasted, primed prior to powder coating
    • All tanks and hydraulic cylinders finished in 2-pack enamel
    • ADR approved Dual axle with “S” Cam Brakes
    • Spider wheels with split rims – 8.25 x 15 tyres
    • Wind Down Front Jackleg/Stabiliser
    • Two Heavy-Duty Hydraulically operated rear Jackleg/Stabilisers
    • 75mm Ring Type, Swivel Bolt-On Coupling
    • LED lights
    • Coupling Height – 790 mm
    • Water Cooled Diesel Engine, Kubota – 15 kW
    • 10 hour Fuel Tank
    • Safety and Operational Signage – Screen Printed Anodised Aluminium
    • 95 mm Spindle complete with mechanically operated stainless steel disk brake assembly
    • Final Coat Finish
      – Powder coating and 2-pack Enamel
      – Yellow, Interpon, Safety Yellow, Product Code ME096A
    • One Set of Operation Manuals

    For options available please contact one of our sales team.

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