Products Winches 35kN Bull Wheel Winch – Trailer mount

35kN Bull Wheel Winch – Trailer mount

35kN Bull Wheel Winch – Trailer mount

Product Overview


These winches are specifically designed to haul cable through ducts and use a double bull-wheel configuration with storage reel. The proportional hydraulic system is diesel driven with electric start. The units are provided with manual controls.

The trailer is of heavy-duty construction featuring hot dip galvanized frame, single axle with Landcruiser wheels. The trailer is provided with 2 rear mount jacklegs and special hydraulically operated fairlead which can be driven down to line up with the trench the cable is to be pulled through. This fairlead wheel has a slight adjustment of approx. +/- 10° which means that the trailer does not have to be lined up perfectly with the trench for the pulling process.

The trailer has a maximum laden weight of 2500kg and can be pulled behind a Landcruiser or small truck. Trailer design fully complies with Australian Standards and Australian Design Rules.

The winches are provided with 12mm Andromeda non-rotating plaited wire pulling rope or alternatively can be provided with fibre rope. Standard configuration holds 500 metres of rope. The bull wheel winch can be preset for line tension between 0 and 35kN and maintain the line pull at a constant for the entire pull.

Construction of the bull-wheel winch is designed for outdoor use featuring hot dip galvanized frame, all components are powdercoated , the power pack is enclosed in a lockable weatherproof cubicle with sound insulation to give maximum operator protection with sound emitting at no more than 85 dBa at operator’s ear. All electrical equipment is IP65 or better.

Scope of Supply

The unit consists of:

  • 36.3 HP @ 3000 rpm (max) Diesel engine driving proportional hydraulic system
  • Trailer frame fully hot dip galvanized
  • 12 VDC Electric brake system on trailer
  • 76mm swivel tow eye on trailer
  • 600 m of 13 mm plaited wire rope
  • Maximum line pull 35KN
  • Maximum line speed 10 m/min
  • A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controlled level wind mechanism to ensure even distribution of wire rope in reel. (Housed in a protective enclosure)
  • An auxiliary fuel tank would be fitted with a capacity of 40 litres minimum
  • A hydraulic oil tank would be fitted with a capacity of 120 litres minimum
  • The maximum line tension would be set by a relief valve
  • The line speed would be fully variable in each direction
  • The control panel would be fitted with the following:
    – Engine hour meter
    – line speed/distance readout
    – Ignition key switch
    – Engine throttle control
    – Storage reel control switch
    – Bull wheel control lever
    – Sunlight readable, red LED display that indicates line pull in kN
  • Designed for underground or overhead operation with pivoting rear idler pulley

Parts Books & Operating Instructions

The equipment is supplied with one copy of an operation manual which includes operating instructions, safety information, major assembly drawings, hydraulic and electrical schematics (if applicable), etc. Additional copies are available upon request at nominal cost.

Change in Specification

Design and improvement of products is a continuous process. We, therefore, reserve the right to make design improvements differing from this specification after receipt of an order. However, any major changes will only be made with the approval of the customer or its’ representatives.


12 months parts and labour in accordance with guarantee and sales conditions.

  • To provide a cable remote control panel
  • To provide a radio remote control panel (view image)
  • Data logger and software (view image)
  • Heavy duty toolbox
  • Spare Wheel
  • Rotating amber light
  • Set of 4 wheel chocks Trelleborg and holder
  • Additional set of operational manuals
  • High strength fibre rope X 1000 metres
  • Disc brake on storage drum (view image)
  • Changeable storage drum
  • Guard with safety interlock system (view image)
  • Extended fairlead assembly (view image)
  • All angle extended fairlead assembly (view image)
  • Canvas cover for winch (view image)

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