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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Redmond Gary Australia has a full time parts interpreter who forms part of the after sales service team. Redmond Gary Australia manufactures a comprehensive of cable handling and access equipment. All Redmond Gary manufactured parts and accessories can be supplied through the after sales service team. Redmond Gary also stocks a wide range of fast moving spare parts to minimise equipment downtime. Spare parts are normally despatched by overnight road express to customers throughout Australia and despatched by air freight to customers outside of Australia.

If the spare part is not available from stock it can be manufactured to order. Spare parts orders are prioritised in the workshop to minimise manufacturing time and to get parts delivered to customers as soon as possible.

Redmond Gary also operates an exchange service for radio remotes and receivers. In any event that a radio remote or receiver has faulted or been damaged, an exchange unit can be despatched immediately. This minimises equipment downtime so the equipment can still be used whilst the component is being repaired and tested prior to being supplied to the customer so the exchange equipment is returned to Redmond Gary.

In addition to radio remotes, the exchange service extends to a number of high cost parts. These include TF series fly jibs, hydraulic slew couplings, hydraulic cylinders used on MEWP’s and electronic interface cards.

This service is available only for Redmond Gary manufactured equipment and is designed to decrease equipment downtime to save cost and disruption.

Redmond Gary’s spare parts team have more than 50 years’ experience between them offering unsurpassed product knowledge and advice to customers and contract repairers. Redmond Gary also produces a spare parts catalogue in CD form, which includes prices for contract repairers. Catalogues are available upon request.

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