35kN Bull Wheel Winch Delivered to Essential Energy (April, 2011)

Redmond Gary Australia has just delivered a new 35kN Bull Wheel Winch to Essential Energy in Ballina. The winch was purchased by Mr Lee Young, Works Supervisor for underground for the northern region of New South Wales.

The new winch is specifically designed for installing underground cables with variable hauling capacity up to 35kN. The trailer incorporates a large digital display to indicate line pull, speed and distance. The display also incorporates LED lights indicating winch operation direction. This winch is an improved model of one that Lee used when previously employed by Energex.

Redmond Gary Australia has been manufacturing these types of winches since 1985 when they were first designed by the Energex engineering team. The winches have been refined over the years to incorporate compact design making them easy to manoeuvre up to the underground trench and nowadays also incorporate remote control systems.

The winch is capable of hauling cables 600 metres long. This new winch will replace old equipment and will provide significant increase in safety and productivity gains with the added benefit of knowing the precise line pull when hauling cables.