Jemena representatives’ visit to Redmond Gary’s Gold Coast workshop (April, 2017)

Two Jemena representatives, Brian Polifrone and Tony Martucci, visited Redmond Gary’s Gold Coast workshop to inspect their two new TL17M MEWPs. These are the second batch of MEWPs manufactured for Jemena. The first two machines were delivered to Melbourne in January 2017 and have been used to great success by their workgroups since.

Jemena is no stranger to Redmond Gary’s MEWP; the company has 17m, 16m and 13m versions of our previous TF models in their fleet. Although the new TL series MEWP looks similar to our previous model at first sighting, they are actually a completely different machine and offer significant improvements compared with the other model.

During their visit, Brian and Tony told us that the new machines were very well received by the operators once they became familiar with the machine and its enhanced capability, there was no going back. The two MEWPs just completed will be delivered to Melbourne and go into service immediately.

As both Brian and Tony are specialists in the area of work practices and improvements, their visit gave Redmond Gary to showcase a number of different products that are currently being manufactured for other electricity authorities and contractors. This gave Jemena a more thorough understanding of the comprehensive range of cable handling and access equipment available. Redmond Gary looks forward to continue working closely with Jemena to provide equipment that will meet and exceed their expectations.

Photographed from left to right:

Andrew Danks (Managing Director ndash; Redmond Gary Australia), Brian Polifrone (Manager Work Practices & Improvement Works Practices, Standards & Quality ndash; Jemena), Tony Martucci (Work Practices & Improvement – Jemena) and Greg Parry (Customer Support Officer ndash; Redmond Gary Australia)