Redmond Gary Australia exhibited in the 2017 Annual Connection (September, 2017)

Redmond Gary Australia exhibited in the 2017 Annual Connection, held in Hamilton 12-14 September. The Annual Connection is held in New Zealand and Redmond Gary Australia has been associated with this competition for the past six years.

This year, eight companies representing the cream of New Zealand’s electricity authorities, came together to compete against each other in a line mechanics competition (linesman).

The line mechanics competed against each other based on time and quality of work. A wide range of activities including:

  • Electrical theory
  • Pole top rescue
  • Line erection
  • First aid
  • Utilities location
  • Rigging
  • Earthbank installation
  • Dismantle

At the same time, a different group of eight different companies competed in the cable joiners competition. The competitors were rated on work procedures and safety and the competition included the following:

  • Electrical theory
  • HV cruifix termination
  • LV mains branch joint
  • First aid
  • CPR
  • Pit rescue
  • Testing
  • HV joint

On the last day of competition all teams from line mechanics and cable joiners, along with one team of exhibitors completed the mystery event. This was a bit of fun for everybody. Each team had to run between witches hats spaced approximately 30m apart. When they came to the first witches’ hat they had to put their head on top of the witches and run around the witches hat 10 times. After which, they had to try and run to the next witches hat which was very difficult for some. Then they had to throw an insulator attached to a rope into a circle marked on the ground, after which they had to run to the last witches hat. Each team consisted of four persons. When all the team members reached the last witches hat, the team had to carry one member of the team back to the start.

The Annual Connection competition this year was a great success and we look forward to being a part of it next year.