1.5 Tonne Drum Stands (November, 2013)

A new design drum skid has been manufactured to suit the changing requirements of electricity authorities. The drum skids feature increased capacity for drums weighing up to 1500kg. The skids can be provided in single standalone unit or a number of units can be linked together. They can also be manufactured to suit skids to meet customer’s specific requirements. Photographed is a skid manufactured to suit 20 foot container mount points to carry three drum units with one of many overhead roller guide configurations.

So far, several drum stands have been supplied to Ergon Energy and Endeavour Energy. This new design drum stand will take the place of ABC drum stands previously supplied and feature disc brakes with two rating types. One uses single calliper with capacity 200kg at 1000mm diameter and with two callipers 400kg at 1000mm diameter. These drag brakes are used for installing overhead cables and are normally used in conjunction with a 10kN 3-Drum winch or similar. The new design can be linked together without the aid of subframes. They are provided with four lifting points, one on each corner and with forklift tine apertures that make it possible to lift from any side of the drum stand.

Using the same design principles, 3-drum ABC trailers will be upgraded and more information on this new product range will be provided next year.