We have delivered two more CE Compliant Cable Pushers to Energieanlagen Ramonat GMBH based in Germany. Approximately 12 months ago we delivered the first two pushers to be used in a job in the Austrian Alps. On completion of this job, having these specialised pushers available to the company has opened many doors in other regions in Europe for installation of heavy duty high voltage cables. The equipment has performed very well and has been specially designed for operation in high altitudes.

The pushers have a pushing capacity of 20kN and a braking capacity of 35kN. Energieanlagen Ramonat carried out a worldwide search to find a company who could manufacture pushers of this capacity. It was a surprise to us at Redmond Gary that the pushers we made were far more powerful than any other pushers on the world market. The best that could be offered from European manufactures is 7kN push and in many cases, those pushers could not achieve this.

The pushers were inspected by the Director of the Company at our Gold Coast workshop. Pushers were tested on full load test and demonstrated pushing force of 20kN + 10%.