Redmond Gary Director has Lucky Escape! (February, 2014)

At 6.30 pm on Monday, 24 February, two young ladies were travelling at high speed around the corner adjacent to the entrance to Redmond Gary Australia. It had just rained and the road was a bit slippery. The vehicle skidded out of control, spun a couple of times, careered through the chain wire fence, bounced off the garden bed and went through the wall of the Managing Director’s office. Fortunately, he was not in his office at the time, however, the other Director, Gary Danks, had just left the room after checking some files. An enormous crash was heard and the office was filled with dust. A Holden Commodore was wedged through the wall and partly into the office. Filing cabinets and other items were strewn all around the room. Fortunately, the two young ladies were miraculously uninjured.

Due to the position of the car, it could not be easily removed by the tow truck. Redmond Gary staff used a forklift to remove the vehicle. The car and the office were a total write-off.