Bechtel has taken delivery of two 60kN skid-mount winches. (February, 2014)

Bechtel has taken delivery of two 60kN skid-mount winches. Machines are intended for cable hauling for installation of high voltage power cables for the L&G project, west of Gladstone.

The winches are provided with skid-mounts with container locks with the same dimensions as a 20 foot container so they can be easily attached to tray back trucks for transportation and installation. The winches are provided with anchor points on all four corners as well as forklift tine apertures for lifting. The winches feature fully enclosed winch and operator’s safety cubicle. Winches are designed to meet or exceed Australian Standards. The winches are rated at top layer and therefore can offer a constant line pull of 60kN during the entire pull.

Sophisticated control console features a new programmable display and data logger. The display features several screens for a multitude of modes of operation. There are a number of set points provided so that operators or supervisors can pre-set winches to minimum or maximum line pull.

Winches provided with two speed hydraulic motors and built in safety brake. The winch is powered by a separate hydraulic power pack mounted behind the operator’s cubicle. The power pack features variable displacement, hydraulic pump and water cooled diesel engine all housed inside a soundproof enclosure. Sound levels are at 85dBA or less at the operator’s ear. The skid base is specially designed to house all of the hydraulic hoses and electrical connections in ducts under the floor, making the skid base free of any trip hazards.