The TL17M MEWP: Moment Sensing System (January, 2015)

Last year, we introduced you to the new TL17M EWP. This model has been in development over the last three years and has several breakthrough features including lighter machine weight, increased basket working load limit, a full electronic control system (CANbus) with integrated safety functions and full Dura-Comp40 composite jib (even the bearings are composite!).

We want to highlight the new moment sensing anti-tipping function. Redmond Gary’s machines have always been associated with quality, safety and reliability. It is breakthroughs such as our moment sensing system (MSS) that make our machines one of the safest EWPs on the market.

In operation, it is possible that RGA’s EWPs can be loaded and used in conditions that may lead to it overturning. To prevent this occurring RGA has a variety safety features. However, should all these measures fail, the MSS will shut down the EWP before it can tip over.

The MSS works off the principle that one of the jacklegs will lift off the ground as it nears the tipping point. RGA has placed a sensor under each jackleg that measures its distance off the ground. During the overload test, the distance is calibrated so that the sensor shuts down the machine well before it could tip.

The jacklegs can lift due to the truck and EWP chassis twisting when under load, especially when the basket is sideways to the truck. The twisting is the upshot of the truck and EWP not being infinitely stiff and is used to our advantage. RGA is the first EWP manufacturer in Australia to have a Moment Sensing System on their machines.

RGA is committed to safety and is continually improving all its safety features. The MSS is just one such example of this.